Wayfinder Workshop Series: Go Do It

You Know What You Want But You Feel Stuck

Go Do It Workshop
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It's one thing to imagine a life you love. It's another to actually go do it.  You've got a professional reputation, years of experience and a steady paycheck.  You're not sure whether you should stick it out or take a chance on something that could make you much happier.  You're not the only one!  So many professionals alternate between getting excited about what they could be doing with their life, and wondering if they're crazy to want something beyond what they already have!  We get it.  So we designed the Go Do It Workshop to offer you the tools you need to coach yourself, come alive and live on purpose, on your terms.  


This workshop consists of: 

  • 5 weekly (or biweekly) 90 minute private coaching sessions, done via video conference. 
  • Structured exercises to help get clarity and confidence around your next career decisions.

In The go do it workshop, you will:

  • Take stock – which elements of your work need to change versus which you’d like to stay the same
  • Name and manage the fears that threaten your progress
  • Use both your mind and body to make changes that stick
  • Stay centered and focused on your needs, instead of getting hung up on what others will think
  • How to coach yourself through adversity after the Workshop is over
  • Cultivate a community of support and encouragement


What We'LL do, what you'll do

In this workshop, we guide you through a series of tools and exercises you can use to coach yourself through fear and indecision in every aspect of your life. These are tools you can use for the rest of your life whenever you feel “stuck” or burned out.

You’ll come out of the workshop with courage and commitment to yourself because you’ll have an understanding of the cycle of change and strategies for combating the obstacles that will inevitably emerge to slow you down or block your path to living your purpose.

What our clients are saying


I found the material and discussions thought provoking, inspirational and most importantly, I could connect them to what I was working on at the time.  Both Theresa and Susan are present, warm and challenging when they need to be.  If you are in a funk of an kind, they will truly challenge you to consider another way to think about your life and how you approach the decisions you make, but there is never any judgment.  

-McKinzie K., Boston, MA


The Wayfinder Workshop was exactly what I needed to get back on track towards the life I want to lead.  I learned several small but powerful skills that helped me shift my thinking.  It was a gradual process but I've improved my life with one tiny step at a time and I'm happier than I've been in years.  While I have definitely made some external changes, it is the internal changes that have had the most impact - a few small tweaks have had a domino effect in man areas of my life.  I recommend the Workshop to anyone ready for a change!

-Mary R., Houston, TX

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wondering if this workshop is right for you?

Definitely If:

Go Do It Workshop
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  • You have a clear vision of what you need to thrive, and what sucks the life out of you (hint: If you aren’t clear on this yet, please consider our Come Alive workshop is designed for this purpose)
  • You want your life to be totally different in a month
  • You struggle with marrying your “reality” with your purpose
  • You want to hone your decision-making skills, especially as it relates to your career and life path
  • You want a clear strategy on how to course-correct when you find yourself in a predicament.

You shouldn't sign up If:

  • You aren’t planning on making any life changes soon
  • You don’t really believe your life purpose and your career can play nice with each other
  • The only reason you want to make a change in your career is to figure out how to earn more money
  • You’re not that dissatisfied with the status quo
  • You believe that other people’s agendas are more important than your own
  • Investing time in bettering your future isn’t a priority for you