Wayfinder Workshop Series: Come Alive

Feeling Burned Out? Lost?

It feels crappy to do the work and spend the money pursuing an education and a career that you thought you’d like, but you just don’t. You’ve probably tried to relieve the discomfort by switching jobs in the hope that things would be better with new company or your new responsibilities or more money, but you still feel numb going to work everyday.  If you’re burned out, you know deep down you’re on the wrong track, but you feel either guilty or crazy for being so unhappy when you have it “so good”.  You are not the only one!

Come Alive Workshop
I'm Ready

Each person has a unique set of conditions, preferences and traits that determine how they both create and drain their life energy.  Burn out happens when you are literally “bleeding out” your life energy. Understanding where you get energy from and where you lose it is the path to finding purpose and “coming alive” to your life. Our Workshop series is designed for burned out, educated professionals who are interested in creating a career that they feel engaged, alive and energized in.


In the Come alive workshop, you will:

  • Discover your personalized path to a more fulfilling career
  • Gain an understanding of the conditions that you need to thrive, as well as those that suck the life out of you
  • Make sense of your past successes and failures and set up your life to achieve success on your terms
  • Optimize around who you actually are, instead of chasing an ideal that will never pan out for you
  • Realize the true cause of any lack of motivation or procrastination you’ve experienced



The workshop consists of:

  • 5 (five) weekly (or biweekly) 60 minute private coaching sessions, done via video conference.  
  • Self study - between each session, participants are given a series of individual exercises to work on privately to improve self awareness around your purpose, energy, values and talents. 

What We'll Do, what you'll do

In this workshop, we guide you through a series of thoughtful exercises and teach you tools that will help you get a better understanding of what you’re really about underneath the professional edifice you’ve built so you can begin to optimize your career around the things intrinsic to your well-being.

You’ll come out of the workshop having created a clear, written, personalized “Personal Success Blueprint” of how you uniquely can create the energy critical to building a thriving career you love, and that loves you back.  You'll learn to spot what factors into the depletion of your energy so you don't ever reach the burn out stage again.


What our clients are saying


I found my first Wayfinder Workshop to be so very valuable that I signed up for a second one.  I was able to achieve clarity in my life goals, and to determine what *I* really wanted - not what I thought I should want or what others want for me.  I am amazed at the number of times a week that I think back to something we did in the workshop.  It has changed the stories I tell my self and thus changed my life.  I can't recommend the experience, or Susan and Theresa, highly enough.

-Shannan Y., Chicago, IL



With your guidance, I was able to discern the aspects of my life which were already aligned to my true self from the aspects that were not.  Once I was able to start feeling how I wanted to feel in my new life, my new life found me.  Now I am traveling all over the world promoting, teaching, and  providing access to a therapy which really helps people.  My life is filled with growth, light, and opportunity.  I am part of the right team, and I am living my right life.

-Martin B., Minneapolis, MN


Wondering if this workshop is right for you?

Come Alive Workshop
I'm Ready

Definitely, if:

  • You’ve always thought there is something you were meant to do with your life
  • You’re in a career you don’t see an energizing future in
  • You believe you are responsible for your own fulfillment
  • You are analytical and want tangible, personalized profile about your needs at work and life
  • You care about whether your work matters
  • You're sick of sabotaging your professional success